Police repress anti-fascists on the eve of university championships in Kazan (Russia)

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At 8:00 a.m. 3rd of April, the officers from the Centre Against Extremism came with a search warrant to 4 addresses of Kazan antifascists.

The searches were carried out with clear violations. There was not any documents to substantiate the detentions but four young people: Ruslan Rostov, Oleg Kapustyanov, Dmitry Ilyichev and Artem Sher, were put into a car and taken to the Police Office “for the talks”, threatened with force. During the searches,two anti-fascists, including Artem Sher, who is a citizen of Israel, were beaten. Later a search took place at the workplace of one more antifascist – this time not only search operatives of the Centre Against Extremism, but also members of the FSB (Federal Service of (state) Security) were present. The resolution of a search warrant stated that the suspect “belongs to the informal youth association Antifa”.

For now all the five are in status of suspects. All of them refused to testify, according to the Article 51 (“No one shall be obliged to give evidence against himself or herself…”). According to investigators, late at night on February 24, four boys and a girl allegedly beat two young men. From the words of the police activists realized that they could be charged under Art.116 and Art.213 of the Criminal Code (assault and hooliganism motivated by ideological hatred).
All the detainees are students, they stick to the anti-fascist views, but are not part of any movement or political organization. On the night of February 24 they were other areas of ​​the city. The police is trying to present anti-fascists as aggressive street hooligans who used violence against their political opponents – Nazis.

All the five are well known to Kazan police as they many times participated in various environmental and social actions. The officers of the Centre Against Extremism have already fabricated a criminal case against Oleg Kapustyanov, but due to numerous violations the court sent it back for further investigation. Now, they apparently decided to complete what they initiated.

In Nizhny Novgorod police officers have already fabricated such a criminal case and tried to unite local anti-fascists in an “extremist community”. Therefore, we are concerned that in Kazan the authorities are trying to do the same.

Oleg Kapustyanov, without the presence of his lawyer, was subjected the procedure of identification by the “victims” – Nazis. Nazis and police do cooperate with each other: after Nazis have disclosed personal information of the Kazan antifascists in the internet, the searches and seizures in antifascists’ flats occurred. And the ultra-rights are always ready to give false testimony and to “identify” everybody the operatives will point to.

We are confident that all these police actions are related to the Universiade (University championships), which will be held in the city this summer. Fabricating criminal cases, the government gets rid of dissidents who could spoil the image of unity and peace of the holiday.

April 4 a court trial was held against Oleg Kapustyanov and Ruslan Rostov. Both were remanded in custody until May 4 for the time of investigation until the next trial.

We will need to pay the lawyers’ work (more details will come later).
For today we need about $3000.

You can transfer money to support the anti-fascists in the Kazan-Moscow
ABC fund via paypal: abc-msk (at) riseup.net

Attention! be sure to e-mail to abc-msk (at) riseup.net how much and what kind of goals you send money. Also you can use “Western Union” or bank transfer, for this please write to the abc-msk (at) riseup.net . We would be grateful for any help!


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