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Prison squat resists eviction in solidarity with Cardiff prisoners


From Cardiff Squatters Network:

On Thursday 8th August, at approximately 10am, High Court bailiffs showed up to join United Welsh representatives, police and contractors booked to secure buildings, in an attempt to evict Rumpoles, Moira Terrace, Cardiff, CF24 0NE (aka: prison squat / 0ne squat). By 12pm, without even attempting to enter, they left the occupiers in possession of the building.

At 9:30am the first few supporters started arriving outside, while some squatters took to the peak of the roof. The outside had been barricaded with furniture, gas bottles, compressed air canisters and a piano, while the inside was  well secured. A ‘Fire 2 the prisons’ banner had also been dropped from the windows the night before, during significant disturbances within Cardiff prison over the road.

Four police officers from Roath arrived warning the resisters that possessions used to barricade would be cleared away by the council, stating ‘Your rubbish makes Roath look poor’, even though the squat is in Adamsdown, but otherwise ignored the situation and promptly left.  At this point neighbouring prisoners began shouting  in support  of the squatters and against the cops.

The rest of the day was spent receiving strong support from, passersby and locals, particularly in the neighbouring Adamscourt, also owned by United Welsh Housing Association. While supporters continued to play piano and eat the skipped bakery goods from the night before.

Prison squat has been lived in for 3 weeks, and has hosted an anti-fascist benefit gig, No Borders film screening, prisoner letter writing, as well as other events. United Welsh plan to demolish the building. This work is to start no sooner than February 2014, in order to build 49 1 to 2 bedroom flats for ‘vulnerable people’, whilst denying the Adamscourt residents access to communal greenland in the process. Attempts from squatters to negotiate with owners have repeatedly failed.

South Wales Echo article – http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/masked-squatters-barricade-themselves-inside-5680263


NYE noise demo outside Cardiff prison

From 325:

Last night as part of the international call out for noise demonstrations outside of prisons and detention centers, a group of anarchists and anti-authoritarians assembled at cardiff prison where some people set off fireworks and scattered hundreds of fliers from the top of the multi-storey car park opposite the jail (which is visible from many of the cells in the prison) whilst others sounded a siren, banged drums, threw fireworks over the wall of the prison and participated in anti-prison and anti-police chants with the prisoners who did everything they could to communicate back to the crowd gathered outside.

The fliers read “Solidarity is our weapon – Freedom now!” on one side and “Fire to the prisons, fire to the borders and fire to those who protect the system that’s killing us all. ACAB” on the other.

The initial group made a speedy and tactical retreat after noticing the approaching filth accompanied by a fire engine heading towards the prison. Roughly an hour later a small group returned to set off the last firework and shout some more in support of those inside.

some anarchists.

Anti-prison demo on Guy Fawkes night

Act for freedom now/ receives and transmits:

At midnight November 5th around fifteen masked-up anti-authoritarians rolled up outside the grim walls of Cardiff Prison to fire and throw fireworks over the wall, released a smoke bomb at the traffic intersection there. shouting against prisons, screws and the police and with a mobile sound system blasting and spotlights and alarms going off in the prison, the response was righteous from inside!! Prisoners shouted back from their cell windows and there was a big feeling of rage outside and inside meeting in shouts of ACAB and cheers as fireworks banged and whizzed. The fireworks got let off, there was some shouts back and forth then the motley crew dissapeared before any cops showed up.

Prisoners in Cardiff have recently protested about poor food (undernourishment) and generally shitty conditions at the old 19th century constructed hellhole. We stand against prison and the society that is based on mass imprisonment for self-organised struggle, defiance and contempt for the authorities and the snitch citizens.

Its time to come out loud and come out proud for Freedom and Revolt

Spread rebellion and the values of freedom through every way – by breaking the silence, talking, writing, flyposting, graffiti, marches, direct action.

Its time to attack and struggle against the system that is crushing us!

November 5 – gunpowder, treason & plot!!





Noise Demo outside Cardiff Prison

From Act For Freedom Now:

At 3:30pm on Saturday 31st of March around 25 local residents, children and anarchists gathered outside a local leisure centre for a noise demo at Cardiff prison, to show support for the prisoners and raise awareness about I.P.P. sentencing, a type of sentence that has destroyed lives in the local community.

They came accompanied with black flags, a sound system and two large banners (reading “Abolish I.P.P.” and “Solidarity”).
The police presence was completely disproportional to both the size of the group and the nature of the demonstration. They demanded that the participants made their way to the prison in groups of no more than 3. The entire group was opposed to this, and the police resorted to pushing people around to try and keep the group split up. However, with a bit of dodging, diving and determination the group remained united on the way to the prison.

The local community was receptive to the demonstrators on the way to the prison and many cars honked in support. Information was distributed, music was played and chants were shouted by young and old alike. Upon arrival at the prison the demo was met with yet more police, whose presence had now doubled. With whistles and airhorns the group went about making as much noise as possible, and chants of “Free the I.P.P.’s” and “Freedom for all! Break down the walls!” broke out.

The prisoners did their best to reciprocate the noise being made outside and the police got a torrent of abuse directed at them. The group moved along the prison to make contact with more of the prisoners and ended up on a small hill, just outside the walls, where the banners could be seen from the busy road opposite the prison. The group continued with their messages of solidarity through a megaphone, threw fists and waved red and black flags.

After at least an hour of noise the group gave their parting messages, and a promise to return time and time again until all are free.