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ABC Belarus Info Talk @ Wells Hotel

Belarus ABC Infotour in Cardiff

On Friday the 23rd of Feb. @ 6pm there will be an info talk by a member of Belarus ABC at the Wells Hotel.

You will hear about the situation of anarchists facing years in prison, the work being done to support them and resistance to repression in Belarus, Europe’s “Last Dictatorship.”

For more information on the prisoners, Belarus ABC, the international solidarity that they have received  and how it has helped, visit afed.

The Wells hotel can be found at 77 Craddock St. CF11 6EW. It has played host to all manner of awesome events over the past couple of months and we can only hope that there’s more to come.


Revolutionary Struggle Discussion @ Red & Black

This Thursday 22nd November @ 7pm the Red and Black Umbrella will host a discussion about the armed group, Revolutionary Struggle in Greece. This will be a good opportunity to discuss armed struggle and it’s effects, how such groups are perceived by the state, the states reactions to such groups and a general overview of the Revolutionary Struggle cases so far.

For information on Revolutionary Struggle see here.

There will also be room to discuss the ongoing struggles against austerity across Europe, and the diversity of tactics being used. From clashes in Spain, Italy and Portugal; to demonstrations in Greece, Italy and France; and international rail strikes in Belgium – as part of the ‘European Day of Action and Solidarity’.

Anti-prison discussion this evening @ Red & Black

From Red & Black Umbrella:

To mark the arrival of the Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner Art Tour featuring the artwork of a number of revolutionary and rebellious prisoners worldwide, we invite you to a short notice presentation and discussion of prison and the society that creates it. Monday Nov 5 we’ll be meeting at 7pm at the Red & Black Umbrella to have an informal discussion and an opportunity to look at & perhaps be inspired by the artwork of these imprisoned freedom-lovers.

Tea & Coffee provided, anything else up to your creative genius…

Legal Training Evening @ Red & Black Umbrella

November sees the launch of Cardiff ABC, as well as Cardiff Defendant Solidarity (CDS), with a bunch of events to go along with it. The Red and Black Umbrella will be hosting a legal observer training evening with CDS including overviews on stop and search, custody scenarios and public order policing. (Date TBC but 7pm Tue 14th Nov is likely)

One of the most important aspects of prison is how people end up there. For many, by knowing the law they could have made their time more bearable or even avoided it completely.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn valuable information on the law and arrest process from a no bullshit perspective.

Prisoner art tour launch night @ Red & Black Umbrella

Cardiff ABC will be hosting the second leg of the Prisoner Art Tour featuring artwork from past and current radical prisoners.

After an initial preview in Bristol, and exhibitions in London, we are proud to be hosting the exhibition for the month of November at the Red & Black Umbrella, 57-58 Clifton Street, with a launch night on the 2nd. The event includes live music, doors at 7pm, with a pay what you can – donations appreciated style tax.