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Solidarity with squats under attack in Greece and raids in Berlin from ACAB squat


From Cardiff Squatters Network:

On August 5th cops in Greece continued their campaign of repression against squats by raiding three squatted spaces in Patras: Parartima, Maragopouleio and the Self-managed Hangout inside the Technological Educational Institute (TEI). 16 comrades were detained in total; 5 squatters and 11 supporters.

While those showing solidarity were later released, the 5 occupants faced charges in court on the 13th. Therefore the next day we painted a banner to express our solidarity with squatters facing charges and evicted from their homes.

Additionally today we hung another banner to show solidarity with the squat Rigaer 94 and all those arrested during raids in Berlin on the 14th. The raids were supposedly related to arson attacks of various job centres and a Molotov attack against police, in solidarity with the revolts in Turkey after the eviction of Gezi Park in Istanbul.

We name ourselves ACAB because we are antagonists. We also name ourselves ACAB because we know that all cops are bastards who go to any lengths to attack the squatting movement internationally and the anarchist milieu.

The banners are now hanging from Canton police station that we appropriated for our own use in Cardiff. We squat here to show that not everyone is afraid, that some of us are bored of living in fear, and instead desire to fight back.

Solidarity with squatters facing charges!

Solidarity with squats under attack in Greece!

Solidarity with everyone evicted from their homes!

Antagonistic Collective Against Boredom (ACAB)



Freedom For Thomas Meyer-Falk?

Since October 1996 I’ve been kept in the dungeons of the German state. I
was sentenced to eleven and a half years in prison for one bank-robbery to fund raise money for left-wing projects. Later I was sentenced to a further five years and three months for “insulting” prosecutors, judges and politicians.

I have been a Red and Anarchist Skinhead (RASH) for many years, and the
government kept me in isolation (solitary confinement) from 1996 until May 2007. I have been in the general prison population for the past six years and will finish my sentences in July 2013.

But in 1997 the criminal court added the so-called “preventive detention” (PD) to my sentence, based on a Nazi-Law from November 1933 which allows the state to keep a prisoner in custody over and above the end of their regular sentence, if they want to for the rest of the inmate’s life.

Recently the courts opened my files to decide if I will go to PD in July 2013.
In the end there is not much real chance that the judges will set me free, but it would still be helpful and I would appreciate the solidarity, if people could write some letters and e-mails to the court and support my struggle for freedom.

Send letters of support to:

Hans-Thoma-Str. 7

e-mail: poststelle@lgkarlsruhe.justiz.bw1.de

The file number is 15 AR 1/13

Every kind of support is welcome!

Thanks a lot.

Thomas Meyer-Falk
c/o JVA Schoenbornstr.32