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Solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle: Communique from the Bute Dock Squatters

 Bute Dock Hotel, West Bute St, Cardiff Bay

From Bristol Indymedia:

We take this opportunity to clarify our position regarding the occupation of the Bute Dock Hotel, which saw two days of successfully resisting eviction in Cardiff, see report here.

Our choice to squat the Bute Dock Hotel, which inter-connects with the largest estate agents in Cardiff, Keylet, was no coincidence – it was carefully chosen. After receiving advice regarding the unique nature of the legal situation, we carefully schemed a plan. This involved confronting Keylet with news of our occupation on the morning of Tuesday 20th November, with delegates from our welcoming committee.

Our intention was to disrupt their business, due to the inconvenience and embarrassment of having their executive offices connected to a squatted social project. To discover they had been storing their ‘personal belongings’ in the hotel was to us, an added bonus. They had a wealth of chairs, storage units, marketing literature, as well as a Christmas tree and popcorn makers we promptly made use of. We had unintentionally taken their tat hostage, and it felt empowering. While people are routinely evicted from their homes and experience difficulty in retrieving their belongings, to have the chairman of the Association of Letting and Management Agents pleading with us to respect and return his belongings was all too ironic.

To give context to who we are dealing with, the executive director of Keylet, Peter Vidler, is a director in twelve different letting and investment companies, including; Cardiff Bay Investment Ltd, Cardiff Property Lettings Ltd and Luxury Lets Ltd. In 2004, he was successfully prosecuted for trying to bully an employee into having an abortion, financially considering her pregnancy as a worst nightmare. She suffered verbal abuse and was repeatedly blamed for computer problems, causing her to contemplate ‘ending it all’, while Mr Vidler attempted to justify his actions publicly.

As a collective fighting against austerity, we feel it should be obvious as to why we targeted an estate agents. They are infamous for keeping buildings empty for their own financial gain, while people are living on the streets, unable to access secure housing. With ever increasing homelessness and the recent criminalisation of squatting residential properties, these property racketeers deserve more than ever to be held accountable, along with the state and their hired thugs. Furthermore, what followed after delivering the news of our occupation is a perfect example of the violence utilized to uphold and reinforce the value of property over people. Hiring heavies and gangs to protect property is second nature to these scumbags.

To elaborate, we wish to re-iterate what the Gremlins expressed in their video communiqué last month:

“The State’s ‘solutions’ to the problem of homelessness are degrading, dehumanising and nothing more than a quick fix. The process is riddled with long waiting lists, poor living standards and often only worsens people’s well being. Countless buildings are left disused and unoccupied, whilst landlords and speculators profit at the expense of the people. The idea that it is a criminal offense to claim a roof over your head on a cold night is offensive and ridiculous.”

Our initial aims were to reclaim this unoccupied space to re-open it for the use of the community, by opening a squatter’s estate agents ‘freelet’, hosting regular café nights, films, talks, discussions, workshops, and much more. It’s naturally disappointing papers have been served for a court date within a week, but also not unexpected. Instead we are using this opportunity to host a few events, express our solidarity with those we identify with and deserve our support, and to call for further  resistance.

Strength and solidarity to anarchist prisoner Kostas Gournas, currently being tried for his participation in the armed group Revolutionary Struggle in Greece, and those accused in the same case. Our thoughts are also with Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa who remain at large – stay free comrades!

Solidarity and strength with all those fighting for their lives – from austerity riots in Europe, uprisings in the Middle East, insurrections in Latin America, to clashes everywhere in between.

To all the Bristol rebels plotting their next move, Brighton squatters fighting for homes, and London crew, whatever you’re up to…let’s go on the offensive already??

Bute Dock Squatters



Revolutionary Struggle Discussion @ Red & Black

This Thursday 22nd November @ 7pm the Red and Black Umbrella will host a discussion about the armed group, Revolutionary Struggle in Greece. This will be a good opportunity to discuss armed struggle and it’s effects, how such groups are perceived by the state, the states reactions to such groups and a general overview of the Revolutionary Struggle cases so far.

For information on Revolutionary Struggle see here.

There will also be room to discuss the ongoing struggles against austerity across Europe, and the diversity of tactics being used. From clashes in Spain, Italy and Portugal; to demonstrations in Greece, Italy and France; and international rail strikes in Belgium – as part of the ‘European Day of Action and Solidarity’.

November 22, 23, 24: International solidarity call for the Revolutionary Struggle case in Greece

Solidarity banner from Act For Freedom Now

From Contra-Info, background information and constant updates in English on Revolutionary Struggle Case and Actforfreedomnow!

Social revolution is not a past; it is the present and future of the world.

Regarding the call for international solidarity and action

As assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case and in continuance of solidarity actions for the same cause, we address an open callout for a solidarity campaign at both the local and international level on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November 2012.

We have decided to break the wall of silence surrounding the RS case, and thus demonstrate that the comrades currently undergoing trial are not alone, that the RS case is everyone’s case in regard to the essence of the struggle itself. We therefore call comrades from across the world to contribute their action and send their own message of Solidarity and Struggle.

Our goal is to diffuse the dynamic resistances under a revolutionary perspective. Our aim is to expand the struggle for the overthrow of the existent, showing its historical necessity and importance in the present, as well as our factual solidarity with the comrades on trial.

The three-day international call for solidarity, counter-information and action for the RS case is part and continuation of the class and social war towards subversion and Revolution. This is how we perceive the RS case and how it can be recorded historically as a whole.

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