cardiff_abc [at] riseup [dot] net

Cardiff ABC
c/o Red & Black Umbrella
57-58 Clifton St
Adamsdown, Cardiff
CF24 1LS

2 responses to “Contact”

  1. Jack Torrance says :

    Alright Cardiff ABC,
    As a teenager and into my early twenties my attitude was always “Fuck Authority” and I hated the system, but had no direction or anyone to explain how to fight back, so me and several others regularly smashed school windows, burgled them, set fires etc. But as you know, the law of averages means one day you’re gonna get caught. Anyway, I got sent to one of their detention centres to crush my feelings of hatred. I cried every night but swore I’d never do anything wrong again and would conform or should I say be forced to conform to their system. After release, I soon forgot about their attempt to destroy me and for a while I tried what was expected of me, regularly attending school and even went as far as joining the army cadets.
    Then on leaving school I was totally and utterly confused what to do with my life.
    There was no work about, so was told that if I didn’t go on a Youth Training Scheme (40 hours for £26 a week) then I’d be unable to claim unemployment benefit. So was forced into it. When the year was over, after the bastards promising that there’d be some work for me. I was chucked back on the scrapheap and the feelings of anger and hatred were back. Anyway, after several periods in youth custody and prison, I was so fucked up that I went to live with relatives to turn over a new leaf. Got a job and more fool me got into
    drugs. Things got so bad for me that I was sent to a psychiatric hospital (an extension of their prison system) for a few years and since discharge have got married and we live together. Everythings going well at the moment but only the other day I was listening to “Crass – Penis Envy” (Systematic Death) and realised that I’d fallen into the trap that I’ve always despised. You know from the school, to the workplace, get married, have children, retire and die. Then the same will be passed on to your kids. Like CONFLICT said “There Must Be Another Way” But basically what I want to know is what other way is there?
    I think that’s about it for now,
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Cardiff ABC says :

      Any way other than that, but it’s up to you to find it. Your question could be an honest one but why on earth would you accept an answer from an anon behind a screen that you’ve (probably) never met? What authority do I have to answer this question?

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